The Geisha Society represents a virtual community where folks from all genres of the worldwide adult entertainment industry can come to fulfill every need related to their business. Our affiliates include Vertical Kitty, Geisha Diaries, Geisha Affair International and Meeshee Photography.

Vertical Kitty

Vertical Kitty is known as the go-to expert for sensual copywriting, content writing, blogging, website design, consulting, branding and business development service catering exclusively to the adult community. It is owned and operated by Meeshee who delivers stellar service and product while consistently living up to her reputation.

Geisha Diaries

Geisha Diaries began as the voice of Geisha Affair International and is considered to be the Bible of the worldwide adult community. It is the only go-to forum out of its kind where readers can find the most profound insight related to all aspects of the adult industry. Authors from all over the world in every erotic capacity imaginable contribute their knowledge, experiences, opinions, values and stories in an unbiased environment of support.

Meeshee Photography

Also owned by Meeshee, Meeshee Photography carved its reputation among female companions more than a decade ago for delivering outstanding imagery. As an American female photographer specializing in erotic photography, Meeshee is based in Washington, D.C. She photographs clients in five-star venues and locations around the metro area.

Geisha Affair International

Geisha Affair is a worldwide erotic dating guide for ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life. Escorts, companions, courtesans, transsexuals, BDSM, FBSM, Tantra, Bondassage, fetish, massage, and dancers all benefit from the privileges associated with elegant profiles, large photo display, video, chat room, and hobbyist reviews in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.